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Save money, the environment and time with IBC handling!

Schütz Allemballage collects and sells reconditioned, rebottled and new IBC containers. We collect, decontaminate, inspect IBC containers and return them to the market. Should a collected IBC container not meet safety demands, we provide a new one.

Reconditioning and reusing IBC containers saves both money and the environment. In economic terms this means cutting the cost of a new IBC container by up to 50 per cent. For the environment the savings are immeasurably greater. But there are also savings in the time involved...

  • You don't need to sort empty IBC according to the supplier's return system! We collect and recondition your containers and return them to the supply chain – yours, your customers' or the suppliers'.
  • We collect empty IBC containers from your customers, recondition them and return them to you. You don't have to buy new ones and save both time and the environment.
  • We collect your empty IBC containers, recondition and return them to the market. In certain circumstances you even avoid transport costs.
  • By collaborating with us you avoid handling and destroying waste products – even the most environmentally dangerous – as well as scrapping any containers. We take care of it all and you can put the storage space to better use.