• The Environment & Safety

Efficient and environmentally safe throughout the whole IBC chain!

The service we provide our customers goes much further than just the collecting, reconditioning, returning and selling of new or refurbished containers. Current ADR legislation and regulations also have to be followed to ensure that the transport, handling and reconditioning take place safely and efficiently.

Together with local and national authorities, limnologists, safety advisors and industrial experts, we ensure that the services we provide you with are safe for both people and the environment. In practical terms this means:

  • We are certified by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden for the initial and follow-up control of IBC containers.
  • As a full-service supplier we have all the necessary environmental permits for providing destruction of all types of waste products as well as the handling and transporting of dangerous goods. In this we are unique!
  • Our lorry drivers are ADR trained, as are the rest of our staff.
  • We can inspect IBC containers from all manufacturers.
  • Our quality management system means that we check, certify and follow up all reconditioned containers.
  • If reconditioning is not possible, we clean and decontaminate the IBC for environmentally safe recycling!