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Customers conscious of the environment!

Our customers are to be found throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic States in all types of industries. These include chemicals, paint & glues, petroleum, foodstuffs and pulp manufacture. We also number the graphic industry, paper mills and businesses that use a variety of additives among the companies we help. Furthermore we are a source of technical and practical knowhow for the authorities and environmental consultants when they are making decisions or recommendations.

Irrespective of the industry, our cooperation begins with a dialogue between you and us. You tell us about your needs and we start to solve them. Solutions that make your IBC handling more efficient and help your company develop. This should have given you a good idea of how we can help you which can only be better when you see how we have helped others. Please drop a line to Jonas Esping.

The inside truth!

Contact our CEO Jonas Esping who can tell you much more about the inside truth of the reconditioning of IBC containers and the advantages of considering reusing.