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Schütz Allemballage AB is Scandinavia's largest full-service supplier for the reconditioning, returning and sales of IBC containers.


In our modern and environmentally approved plant outside Stockholm we deal with more than eighty thousand IBC yearly, both new and reconditioned. Our highly skilled staff, specially adapted and approved vehicles, safe and all inclusive handling routines combined with efficient reconditioning equipment means that every reconditioned IBC container returned for reuse benefits not only your company but the environment as well.

        If your business demands it – or if IBC containers do not meet the demands made or regulations after the reconditioning process – Schütz Allemballage will supply completely new or reconditioned containers from its own stock. Read more >>

Collects and sells reconditioned, rebottled and new IBC containers


The environment and company finances benefit when Statoil and Schütz Allemballage cooperate on IBC containers!


Until recently Statoil distributed the bulk of its lubricating oils and cutting lubricants in new IBC containers. Only a smaller part consisted of reconditioned and reused containers. As the empty ones were left at the end user this resulted in significant additional costs and environmental problems compared to reusing the containers.


Want to know more about the cooperation between Statoil and Schütz Allemballage? Contact our CEO Jonas Esping.